Parking lot budget webinar

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In this webinar we will be covering the process of creating a parking lot’s custom budget plan. This is based off some key criteria including; the parking lot’s existing condition, short and long-term goals, and real estate status, etc. The benefits of understanding this process lend their self to a more proactive approach to an otherwise reactionary and less efficient management technique. This webinar is for anyone that manages or owns real estate with substantial sized parking lots.

Join us for the education and chance to create a relationship with a contractor that is working to meet the needs of their customers.

Oh AND anyone that joins will receive FREE lunch! 🙂


Ron La Porte

Sales & Marketing Director
– 5 years with Suburban, 15 years in industry
– Degrees in Civil Engineering and Business
– Wife and 2 kids
– Guitar player and marathon runner

Brian Cooper

Senior Project Manager/Estimator
– 5 years with Suburban, 19 years in industry
– US Marine Corps Veteran
– Wife and three children
– Enjoys outdoor activities and youth sports

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